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About this project

The two partner organisations – IATEFL-Hungary and the British Council Hungary – were bitten by the web coverage bug when we first saw IATEFL Online, an initiative of the “big” IATEFL and the British Council. First we followed the conference virtually eagerly, then organised satellite local events (Brighton Online 2011, Glasgow Online, 2012 and Liverpool Online, 2013) to reflect on conference highlights and experiment with ICT tools for the classroom and for professional development, and finally decided to have a go at it ourselves with Eger Online. In 2013 year we were proud to have our very first (pilot) live-streamed sessions on Saturday between 10.15 and 17.15 with five volunteers.

About our partner

British Council logoThe British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities and committed to a more widespread and better quality English language teaching and learning.

With our involvement in the Budapest Online web coverage of the 2013 annual IATEFL-Hungary conference we hope to contribute right to these two objectives: showcasing the best of Hungarian and international teaching excellence present at the annual IATEFL-H conferences as well as making as many teachers inspired as possible in Hungary and beyond.

We have seen many online development opportunities unfold in the past years and we have developed many forms ourselves from setting up online ELT networks, providing teaching and learning materials and recording webinars to providing self-access or moderated online courses. Teachers just can turn on their computers or even their mobile devices to help themselves to some professional development and support.

We do believe that you don’t necessarily have to travel to a conference to participate (hence our wee project) and hope that although our Budapest Online initiative clearly demonstrates traces of trends, it will eventually help you formulate your plans!

Happy sharing!

IATEFL-H conference online team 2013

Gálik Norbert (IATEFL-Hungary, online team coordinator)

Norbert Gálik Norbert is an English language teacher, mentor, teacher educator and online tutor.  He’s been on the committee of IATEFL-Hungary for three years and enjoys it thoroughly. He has a BEd in English Language Teaching (CETT), an MA in English Language and Literature (ELTE) and an MEd in Teacher Education for ELT (Exeter).

He now works as a Marketing and Brand Manager at Fast English, a training institution specialised in exclusive skills training and corporate language courses.

Find out more about him on his LinkedIn profile or go up to him at conference. He’ll be based near room 122.

Juhász Dávid (volunteer, blog editor) 

Dávid JuhászDavid has been teaching both General and Business English at various companies for the past couple of years (5+ years).

He has a Master’s degrees in English and Applied Linguistics, a CELTA and is currently working towards his Delta and PhD in Language Pedagogy.

He considers himself very lucky, as he gets to work with brilliant people and all his interests (e.g. professional development and personal aims) intersect in teaching.

When not torturing his students with English, he enjoys doing sports, spending time with his friends, travelling, meeting new people and studying abroad.

Vicky Loras (The Loras Network, roving reporter)

VickyMy name is Vicky Loras and I am an English Teacher, born in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada – my parents are of Greek origin.

I have been teaching English (as a foreign language and literature) to students of all ages, for a total of almost sixteen years. I believe in teaching as an ongoing learning process, both for the benefit of the students and the teacher. For that reason I love attending workshops and conferences! I feel so motivated and inspired by them.

I also present at conferences. That is one of the reasons I chose to submit a proposal to IATEFL-Hungary this year – as I had also heard from previous years that it is always an amazing conference! That is why when I was asked by Norbert Gálik to be one of the roving reporters, my answer was immediately positive.

I look forward to this conference!

The Loras Network

The Loras NetworkThe emblem we have chosen combines the Canadian maple leaf and the Swiss cross, both of which are found on the flags of these countries. The word Network means exactly that: we engage a vast network of teachers and collaborators from around the world to provide our students with top class services and skills.

Meet us:

We are Eugenia and Vicky Loras, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and have been teaching and training for over fifteen years. With degrees and certificates in teaching English as a Foreign Language but also in specialized fields including learning disabilities, listening, speaking, writing and reading skills, school management, a wide variety of international examinations, professional development and many others.


We are now the owners of The Loras English Network and are very happy to start off again here in Zug, Switzerland. It is a continuation of the successful and awarded language school we owned in Greece, The Loras English Academy. While providing English Language courses to non-native speakers of all ages in groups of one to five people, we also conduct teacher training seminars and workshops, as well as events for children.

Due to the international status of Switzerland, many English-speaking families have chosen us to maintain and develop their children’s English language skills. We provide specialized professional courses either at our own facilities or in-house for companies and banks.

Our previous school, The Loras English Academy, was awarded for its contribution to English Language Education by the Hellenic American Union in 2005. We were fully or partially responsible for teaching English to over 2,500 students. We are authors of our own in-house publications for students and teachers.

In 2007, Eugenia was a guest speaker at the University of Ioannina on the topic of Entrepreneurship. In 2009, she was among the initial nominees for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst&Young, Greece. Eugenia also had the honour of being appointed Key Account Manager at Focus Business Center, in Zug, Switzerland (Feb. – June 2012).

Vicky is the author of the widely-read (over 125,000 views) educational blog which was awarded 5th place worldwide in 2011 in the Edublog Awards. She was also awarded 3rd place Best Speaker from the University in Lancashire in 2012 at the BESIG Summer Symposium.

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